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Traveling to Alberta

Your travel to Alberta is an easily managed exercise, accomplished by all major airlines into Edmonton International Airport or road travel from your home on well traveled and maintained highways.

If you fly into Alberta, you have the following options:

  • Regional flights with local carriers to airports in Grande Prairie, Peace River and High Level for pick-up by the outfitter

      -Daily flights are the norm, but can be reasonably expensive and additional costs of meat and antlers as cargo

  • Rental vehicles from Edmonton (recommended option)

      -Rental vehicles available at the International Airport can be had for low weekly rates, and include unlimited Km’s. Hunter traveling together will save a bundle compared to regional flights, and will have greater control of their schedule.   


Drive times from Edmonton are approximately:

-Manning (Wolf and Bear) = 6 hours

-High Level (Moose and Buffalo) = 8 hours

Crossing the Border into Canada

This is not a difficult process, but good to have your “ducks in a row” prior to departure. When packing for your hunting trip, you’ll want these items with you:

  • Passport (so you can get back home!)
  • Hunting Contract – this legitimizes your entry with firearms
  • Firearms Import Permit CAFC 909 completed in triplicate       

Hunter Requirements

Sportsmen hunting with Moose Country Outfitting will find that most of their needs will be provided by the Outfitter. The Hunter is required to bring the following:

  • sleeping bag
  • personal clothing and footwear (warm, cold and wet weather gear)
  • special medication
  • weapon of choice

An appropriate equipment list will be provided to help you pack accordingly for you hunting adventure.